Enhance your production process with adaptable industrial installations for added security.

In the challenging landscape of Nigeria's energy sectors, ensuring the flawless installation of production equipment and machinery is absolutely vital. Ventrumec Services Limited is your dedicated partner, specializing in top-tier installation services designed to optimize the performance and reliability of your assets in the oil and gas sector. 

At Ventrumec, we recognize that the proper installation of equipment is the foundation of efficient and reliable operations. Our highly skilled technicians bring a wealth of experience and technical know-how to every installation project. They understand the nuances of oil and gas machinery, ensuring precise and error-free installations. 

We understand that no two installations are alike. Whether you're dealing with pumps, pipelines, compressors, or other critical equipment, our team tailors each installation to your specific requirements. We consider factors such as site conditions, safety regulations, and environmental considerations to deliver a seamless installation process. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the installation itself. We conduct thorough quality checks and inspections post-installation to ensure that your equipment operates optimally. Our goal is to deliver not just an installation but a long-lasting, reliable solution. 

Our extensive capabilities in industrial installation services encompass: 

Our extensive capabilities in industrial installation services encompass: 

We can help you with the following installation needs:

Turnkey Installation Solutions for Oil and Gas Projects

Ventrumec delivers design, fabrication and construction services for the oil and gas industries. Our teams work on field sites and online stations to ensure safe practice in every aspect of our work.

Collaborating teams work to create custom, innovative solutions for the simplest to the most complex worksites. we offer upstream and midstream services including:

We are dedicated to ensuring the timely and cost-effective delivery of your industrial capital projects while adhering to the defined scope. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring successful project delivery. While we handle all aspects of capital projects, we collaborate with qualified subcontractors for civil and electrical work to ensure a comprehensive project outcome. 

Advance your project seamlessly with a trusted partner. 

Our proficient team provides the following fundamental services:

Project Management

Proficient in project oversight and execution, our team ensures a streamlined approach that delivers flawless results. Experience excellence in project management with us.


Experts in precise erection and installation services, our team ensures seamless implementation, guaranteeing optimal results for your projects. Experience excellence in execution with us. 

Startup and commissioning

Proficient in startup and commissioning, our team ensures smooth transitions and optimal performance, guaranteeing successful project initiation.Commissioning involves the final checks and adjustments to ensure that the equipment is fully operational and meets performance specifications. It often includes a comprehensive startup procedure. 

Calibration and Testing 

After installation, the equipment must be calibrated and thoroughly tested to verify its performance and accuracy. This may involve running diagnostics, load testing, and quality control checks. 

Foundation and Mounting

Depending on the equipment, a foundation may need to be prepared to support the weight and vibrations generated by the machinery. Proper mounting and alignment are critical to ensure the equipment functions as intended.

Equipment Preparation

This involves unpacking, inspecting, and preparing the industrial equipment for installation. This includes assembling components, checking for any damage, and ensuring that all necessary parts and tools are readily available. 

To explore how Ventrumec Services Limited can enhance and manage the installation of equipment and systems at your facility, we encourage you to get in touch with us. You can reach out via email at or call us at +234 805-682-8999 to speak with one of our technical support experts.