We are driven by a commitment to quality, reliability, and your business's success. 

At Ventrumec, we recognize that procurement plays a pivotal role within our industrial asset integrity management strategy. We don't just view procurement as a transaction; it's a meticulous endeavor that fuels operational excellence. We are driven by a commitment to quality, reliability, and your business's success. 

Our procurement process is guided by the principles of quality and reliability. We meticulously source and acquire materials, and components essential for asset integrity. Collaborating with trusted suppliers and vendors, we assess and select resources that meet stringent standards and align with your operational demands and project specification. 

You can rely on Ventrumec to provide optimal outcomes at the most favorable cost. 

Extensive Product Range

Our procurement team ensures you receive top-quality equipment and machinery spare parts and components.

We procure and supply a wide range of genuine OEM parts, including:


Nigeria's Energy Sector 

Ventrumec, your trusted procurement partner, brings extensive experience in managing and executing procurement activities for large EPIC projects, thanks to our valuable partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that expedite service contract implementation. As a prominent supplier of oil field equipment and materials, Ventrumec offers competitive pricing, top-notch quality, and reliable service delivery through strategic sourcing and strong relationships. Our supply chain expertise, complemented by freight forwarding, clearing agent services, and warehousing capabilities, ensures timely deliveries, making us the ideal choice for your procurement needs. 

To discover how Ventrumec Services Limited can optimize and oversee the procurement of materials and equipment for your projects, please feel free to contact us. You can reach out via email at or call us at +234 805-682-8999 to speak with one of our technical support experts.